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iphone 5s black vs space grey

Shop. You are here: Home / Shop / iPhone 5S. htc-one-m8-vs-iphone-5s-hands- on-. iPhone 5S. €,00 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. Color. White, Black, Space Grey. Koop of Verkoop iphone 5s space grey op etruska.eu iphone 5s space grey kopen en verkopen tegen een aantrekkelijke prijs. 01, etruska.eu, IPhone 5 16GB Refurbished Black, € 21,00, € 0,00, klik hier 11, etruska.eu, IPhone 5S 16GB Space Grey, € 22,00, € 0,00, klik hier.

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Apple iPhone 5s Review (SPACE GRAY)

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Colorful choices: which color should I buy for the iPhone 5s?

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iPhone 5s 16GB Black/Space Grey Review

Which iPhone X color looks better? Silver or black (space gray)? Iphone 5s black vs space grey

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Sep 14,  · I'm looking for a video that compares the iPhone 5 in black with the new iPhone 5s "Space Gray" option. Here's my issue: I really want a 5s with a black front. The white front never matches the color temperature of the display. Black frames work all . Which iPhone X color looks better? Silver or black (space gray)? Which iPhone X color looks better? Silver or black (space gray)? - 1. Iphone: Question & Answers Which colour iphone 5s must i buy (space gray or silver) and 16gb or 32gb? I want to use for a long time (3 to 4 yrs). If you can suggest any better phone then it will be good. Sep 13,  · The space gray iPhone 5s. There is little doubt that the space gray version is inspired by the black/slate iPhone 5. It’s the same, just slightly different. The front has a sold black faceplate, while the back is grey anodized aluminum with black trim. As shown in this tweet, the space gray is not as dark as the slate iPhone 5. The Two-tone. Sep 21,  · The iPhone 5s comes in three color variants; Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. We've managed to get our hands on all three models and the first order of business was to take tons of photos of all of them in all their aluminium glory. Whether you're still waiting for your iPhone 5s Author: Allyson Kazmucha. May 22,  · Silver or Space Grey iPhone 5s? I am upgrading from my black iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s in a few days, and I am torn between Black and Silver. (I'm not really a huge fan of the gold.) My 4s is black, so I'm used to black, but the cases that I used on it Status: Open. iphone 5s black vs space grey

Iphone 5s black vs space grey